Randi Weingarten Tries to Dunk on Prager U, Gets Buried Under a Mountain of Receipts

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American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten is best known for two things: destroying a generation of students by keeping them locked out of schools during COVID, and turning off replies to all of her tweets so she can’t see how much America hates her.

Every once in a while though, Weingarten forgets to turn off replies and the result is almost always ratio gold.

Yesterday, Weingarten tried to dunk on Dennis Prager and Prager U with a video from NBC News:

The video talks about the tremendous success of Prager U, especially over the past couple of years in the wake of schools being locked down (at the direction of Weingarten and others). Then, the video concludes by interviewing the Sykes family, and their fifth-grade daughter who protests that this history being taught is not accurate.

What the video fails to mention, however, is that the Sykes are public school advocates and vocal opponents of choice, a pretty relevant fact that Prager U was happy to point out.

Oops. We wonder if the Sykes child was influenced at all in her answer by her parents. That couldn’t be, could it?

NBC disputed that the Sykes are technically members of a ‘teachers’ union,’ but did not dispute the fact that they are public school advocates and opponents of school choice alternatives.

Because a school board member wouldn’t have a conflict of interest in a story about a program that challenges public schools, would he?

But the real fun happened when Corey DeAngelis, school choice advocate, and official Randi Weingarten nemesis, noticed that the replies to the tweet were not turned off and jumped in with a veritable avalanche of receipts. 

LOL. Yes, we remember that one. Weingarten probably wishes she could forget it. 

Wow. It sure seems like Weingarten lies a lot, doesn’t it? 

And this is just a small sampling. DeAngelis kept going and going and going, with receipt after receipt about how Weingarten is the worst thing to happen to American education in modern history. We can’t post them all here, but it’s worth checking out just to see how many examples DeAngelis listed. We lost count somewhere around 35 replies, all with unique citations about how Weingarten lied. 

And that’s not even counting the QTs. 

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the blowback. 

It was an impressive ratio. And still growing. 

Exactly. Criticizing teachers’ unions is not ‘attacking’ teachers, no matter how much Weingarten tries to gaslight the issue. 

Yeah, that pretty much sums her up. But it’s still always fun when Weingarten forgets to turn off replies and — in the words of a certain Senator from New York — ‘reaps the whirlwind.’


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