‘You Have to Pick’: Kamala Harris Says She’s ‘in Favor’ of the Second Amendment, BUT With a Catch


‘Shall not be infringed.’

The language of the Second Amendment is pretty darned clear. Yet, somehow, the Left and the media (but we repeat ourselves), think there’s room for nuance.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who is doing a bang up job as the border and gun control czar, has thoughts on the Second Amendment:

No, actually, we can’t.

Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.

What part of that confuses you, Madam Vice President?

Yes, you do.

Makes about as much sense as Kamala’s position, and sounds just as ridiculous. Harris would argue this was an infringement of a woman’s ‘right to choose’, but can say favoring an assault weapons ban does not violate the Second Amendment.

It’s purposeful because it gives them power.

The lying is the worst part. We all know their intentions.

Pretending they’re anything other than in favor of a total ban is just galling.

This could be a fun game.


We can all see her record and her rhetoric.

So posting this in earnest is a laughable joke.

And we know she’d pick the latter.

They don’t define ‘assault weapon’ because they want it to be a net in which they’ll catch all guns.

Because that’s what they want: a total ban on firearms.

Those would be awesome.

No, she does not. Remember, she was also a prosecutor.

Scary, no?

She’s being ratioed into orbit, so mission accomplished.

All of this.

(Aside: all the Amendments should have their own Twitter/X accounts)

Again, another excellent example applying Harris’s logic to another Amendment.

Rights for them, but not for us. Pretty much sums up government these days.


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