Report: CIA Blocked Federal Investigators from Interviewing Hunter Biden’s ‘Sugar Brother’ Kevin Morris

Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

A whistleblower said that the CIA reportedly blocked federal investigators from interviewing Kevin Morris, a high-powered entertainment lawyer representing Hunter Biden, about his connections to the president’s son during probes into his alleged tax crimes.

The unnamed whistleblower told the House Oversight and Judiciary Committee chairmen that the “intelligence agency stopped IRS and Justice Department investigators from interviewing Morris in August 2021, a Hollywood lawyer and patron of the first son, according to a Thursday letter addressed to CIA Director William Burns,” per the New York Post.

“The whistleblower informed Oversight chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) that two DOJ officials were summoned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. — and told Morris ‘could not be a witness for their investigation into Hunter Biden,’” the NY Post reported.

Comer and Jordan wrote in the letter later obtained by the outlet that “it is unknown why or on what basis the CIA allegedly intervened to prevent investigators from interviewing Mr. Morris.”

Hunter Biden and his attorneys, Kevin Morris, arrive for the House Oversight and Accountability Committee markup on January 10, 2024. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

“However, these allegations track with other evidence showing how the DOJ deviated from its standard investigative practices during the investigation of Hunter Biden,” the letter said, later adding that the whistleblower’s account “seems to corroborate our concerns about DOJ’s deviations from standard process to provide Hunter Biden with preferential treatment.”

In a statement to the NY Post, a spokesperson for the CIA said that the agency “does not obstruct investigations.”

“CIA does not comment on specific investigations,” a spokesperson said. “We can say that CIA cooperates with law enforcement partners and does not obstruct investigations. CIA also fully and routinely cooperates with our oversight committees and will continue to do so.”

The committee has asked the CIA to provide any and all records relating to the “DOJ and IRS investigation of Hunter Biden or to Kevin Morris,” per the Post.


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