Sickening Viral Videos Stream Out of Decaying New York City


Every day, New York City is filled with dystopian videos as the Big Apple falls apart. They range from disturbing to surreal, and as a bloody car crash, they are almost impossible to look away from.

The internet has been abuzz with a video showing a man being held down by one man while others beat him on a New York subway platform. This is not your typical Gotham Asian attack clip. The man who was holding the victim told the videographer from behind that he had tried to sexually assault a woman on the subway. The videographer called the police.

If the story had ended there, this would have been fine. A few of NYC’s most exemplary citizens were passing by and saw this as a great opportunity for some fun with an Asian man.

First, it takes one man a long time to get up and strike the captive in his face. He laughs with everyone before tightening his grip to allow a second passerby to deliver a series of punches to the head of the perverted man who was holding him.

A group of men attack a man in a New York subway. The victim looks to be Asian. Asking for the public’s help in identifying the attackers and having them arrested. One man is holding the defenseless man as others punch him. New York subways are not safe. Video sent by follower.

— Asian Crime Report (@activeasian) May 29, 2022

According to The New York Post, most of those involved were gone when the NYPD arrived at the scene. There have been no arrests yet.

It is quite bizarre to see New Yorkers react to shocking acts of violence just a few feet away. But, I suppose people can get used to it. This next horror movie will make your hair stand out. A woman with a deranged personality (at least it seems like it is a woman) walks up and down subway cars, cursing, screaming, and terrorizing passengers. One time, she shouts “Mother N*gger” at a sitting passenger before sitting next to her. The maniac grabs the hair of the passenger and pulls her down onto the seat. You can see the captive passenger yelling at other subway riders, “Somebody please help me”, but no one intervenes.

The man filming the video can now be heard chanting “I rebuke that demon in Jesus Christ’s name.”

After a while, the psycho becomes bored and commands her prisoner “Get up!” He then pulls her by her hair and pushes her towards the subway station’s end. The lunatic then curses, speeds up, climbs onto a seat, and kicks at a window before finally getting out of the subway car.

Just another day in new york city safest subway system, where innocent people are being harassed and assaulted.

But the mayor wants you to ride the subway instead of driving, to save the environment.

— Joel Fischer (@realJoelFischer) May 25, 2022

The rat is a timeless symbol of urban decay. The famous Pizza Rat, an ambitious rodent who tried to bring home a slice of pizza under the infamous Mayor Bill de Blasio, is a symbol of the city’s decline. The videographer cheers Pizza Rat as he struggles downstairs to lift a larger slice.

Gotham’s most beloved furry was challenged by a new rat last week. The newcomer, however, was not in a very favorable situation. The rat joined the canine cavorts for a play in the dog park. This was a near-fatal mistake. The rat was not the only one who got into trouble. The urban hipsters tell their pets to keep away from their new playmates.

Live from New York City

— dinny (@dinfowars) May 24, 2022

I can recall the terrible state that the Big Apple fell into in the 1980s. Rudy Giuliani saved NYC from being a sh*thole and made it a thriving, healthy, and cosmopolitan city. Things are just as bad today as they were before Giuliani. The Guardian Angels were created to protect vulnerable citizens, at least back then. New Yorkers are so resolute and unwilling to help that they have left the city on their own. It’s unclear at this point if there is the will, the morality, and the seriousness needed to save the city.

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