The Ukrainian LGBT Soldier Story Has Mainstream Propaganda Stink All Over It


Every year, June 1 is Pride Month. Corporate logos are painted in rainbow-colored Pride colors. Every year, June 1 is Pride Month. This gives them the opportunity to portray concern for the LGBT community. It’s obvious that companies with social media accounts in countries where homosexuality is not accepted often leave those who accept it.

The war against Ukraine is the “current” thing in our culture. Almost every leftist account on Twitter sports a Ukraine flag somewhere in their bio. But now it’s LGBT time.

The left is a strong moral pillar in Ukraine. They care about Ukraine’s people. However, pride month does exactly the same thing…so what can they do?

Rely on interconnectedness. Combine both to create a powerful “care bait”.

This story is about Ukraine’s LGBT soldiers fighting against Russia. They accept them and don unicorn patches.

Sirens can also be heard outside your home or office. Leftists are OD’ing on care.

According to NBC, LGBTQ soldiers make unicorn patches for their uniforms to show their pride.

Voluntary fighters Oleksandr Zhan and Antonina Romanova pack to go back to active duty. The unicorn insignia gives their uniform an uncommon distinction. It is a symbol of their status as Ukrainian soldiers, and LGBTQ couples.

Members of Ukraine’s LGBTQ community have made a point of sewing the image of the mythical beast onto standard-issue epaulets.

This is a relic of the 2014 conflict in Ukraine when Russia annexed Crimea Peninsula. Zhuhan, an actor, director, and drama teacher, said that many people claimed there weren’t gay people in the army. Zhuhan, Romanova, and their three-month combat rotation were getting ready in their apartment.

So they [lesbians and gays, bisexuals, and transgender people] selected the unicorn because it was like a fantastic non-existent’ creature.

Zhuhan was one of the protestors. He stated that they are against Russia’s attempt to “destroy” their culture.

These statements are difficult to believe for me.

Romanova said that his fellow soldiers began calling him Antonina and using his “she” pronoun. While they were worried that their commander might be homophobic they clearly stated that he would not tolerate homophobia.

If they die, the biggest worry for the characters of NBC’s drama is that it will be a Christian funeral.

Zhuhan said, “The thing I worry about is that Antonina won’t allow me to bury my body in the way that I want.”

“They would prefer to have my mum burrow me with the priest saying a silly prayer…But I’m an atheist and don’t want that. ”

This seems like a very good narrative. The commander is standing on a truck telling his troops that homophobia was bad.

They want you to see it to make space for the next thing. It’s too good to be true.

This story is clearly half-told in order to promote a narrative. It reminds me too of the left putting an LGBTQ logo onto their brand.


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