Snopes Sets Itself on Fire With ‘Fact-Check’ of Biden Wearing a Hard Hat Backwards

AP Photo/Adam Bettcher

Did Snopes just engage in the most dishonest “fact-check” of all time? That may be a little strong given how awful the fact-checking industry is, but their latest work has to be up there.

The setup, which was reported by RedState on Friday, involves Joe Biden wearing a hard hat backwards while trying to pander to union workers in Wisconsin. The photo itself is comical, and it was only a small part of the senility displayed during his trip. 

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The picture received the appropriate amount of ribbing from people online. I mean, it is objectively funny that, while trying to project himself as working-class, Biden managed to screw up wearing a hard hat. Snopes couldn’t just leave well enough alone, though. One of their “fact-checkers” sprung into action to deliver one of the dumbest “ackshually” moments in recent political history. It’s so bad that some thought it was fake, but it’s real. 

Essentially, Snopes took a picture of a man wearing his hard hat the correct way, which is dictated by which way the inner suspension structure is facing, and proclaimed that Biden was simply doing the same thing. Yet, when you look at the two pictures cited, it’s clear that the president is not wearing his helmet the same way. In other words, the “proof” offered by Snopes disproves its own “fact-check.” 

That didn’t stop Snopes from producing this pretentious justification for calling it “false” to say Biden wore the hard hat backwards. 

In other words, Biden did wear the hard hat backwards, but you can’t say that, according to Snopes, because the bill was facing forward. Of course, that ignores that construction workers often swap which way the bill is facing. As I noted earlier, what dictates the proper way to wear a hard hat is what direction the nape is facing. Biden is so clueless that he thought the big black thing sticking down in his face was supposed to be there. 

Chalk this up as yet another reason to never listen to the “fact-checking” industry. They are partisan hacks who will say anything to protect Democrats, even when it makes them look ridiculous.


  1. Fact checkers are bought and paid for by the media so they will say what their bosses tell them to say. Fact checkers may have once been real but not anymore. They rearrange words they delete words they do not prove what they say just their biased opinions just like the media itself.


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