Gun Control Sponsor Goofs Up, Forgets to Exempt Police From Bill

(Kenneth K. Lam/The Baltimore Sun via AP)

Of all the oddities and contorted positions taken by the anti-gun lobby, the notion that police are perpetrators of “gun violence” yet should be exempt from virtually every gun control law is one of the most grating, at least to me. Even Democrats opposed to qualified immunity for law enforcement are quick to shield them from any restriction on gun ownership. In California, for example, law enforcement officers aren’t limited to purchasing handguns on the state’s roster as everyone else is, even though it gives cops an incentive to break the law and sell off-roster guns to their buddies, associates, or strangers.

“Assault weapons” bans? Exempt. Magazine restrictions? Exempt. One-gun-a-month? Nah, buy as many as you’d like. Insurance mandate? Well, that’s where it gets interesting, at least in Maryland, where Del. Terri Hill has introduced a bill mandating that anyone who lawfully carries a gun in public must also carry a $300,000 liability insurance policy. At least, that’s how the bill was originally written. When Hill was informed that she hadn’t exempted law enforcement per usual, however, she was quick to pledge to make things right with police.

Hahahahaha, that’s cute. No, this legislation isn’t about enhancing accountability for police. Quite the opposite, in fact. Hill claims she had no intention to make police officers comply with the gun control laws they’re tasked with enforcing.

“Police violence is gun violence,” according to Shannon Watts and groups like Everytown. If they really believe that, then why does law enforcement get a pass on virtually every gun control law they manage to put in place? The truth is that as much as the anti-gunners need to pretend to hate police so they can fit in more comfortably on the left, they’re utterly dependent on law enforcement for their very existence. What good is any gun control law if it’s not being enforced, after all?

So yes, police will get a pass from Hill’s blatantly unconstitutional attempt to impose an insurance mandate on the exercise of a fundamental civil right, just like they’re exempt from the state’s ban on so-called assault weapons, one-gun-a-month, handgun qualification license, and every other infringement that lawful citizens are forced to live under. No matter how much prohibitionists like Watts claim to the contrary, the fact of the matter is that the gun control lobby wouldn’t have it any other way.


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