Tea Party Patriots Action Files Complaint Against Mar-a-Lago Raid Judge Bruce Reinhart


Did you notice the shift in legacy media, from classified documents in Mar-a-Lago Raids and Joe Biden’s plans to student loan debt?

This happens because the Department of Justice changed the story about the Mar-a-Lago Raid. My colleague Nick Arama wrote:

We previously reported that intel officials had leaked to Newsweek claiming that the FBI was looking for documents regarding the Russia collusion hoax. Paul Sperry was then notified via Twitter that he was being removed from Twitter. This was against Trump, and some of the people involved are currently being investigated by Special counsel John Durham.

Sperry expands on the Getty post stating that the unit was involved in Crossfire Hurricane and the FBI raid.

Former President Donald Trump filed Monday an application to a “Special Masters”, asking for a supervisor to review documents seized in the raid.

Rasmussen polls show that 53 percent believe the FBI to be Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.

Thursday is the deadline for the DOJ to reveal any redactions made to the search warrant affidavit authorizing the warrant. The warrant was issued by Judge Bruce Reinhart, a federal magistrate that the DOJ chose.

Tea Party Patriots Action filed a complaint against Judge Reinhart on Wednesday at the Judicial Council of the Eleventh Circuit.

Today, [TPPA] announced that it had filed a complaint against Judge Bruce E. Reinhart regarding “unethical and prejudicial conduct.” Reinhart was the judge who granted the warrant to search the residence of President Trump. Judge Reinhart is accused of being in a “conflict of interest” and of having a history and pattern of hostility towards President Trump.

One of my colleagues discovered some questionable backgrounds for Judge Reinhart.

Surprisingly, he quit his job as a prosecutor to go work for Jeffrey Epstein. He helped to secure immunity agreements for many of Epstein’s low-life accomplices.

How is it possible that all these government officials can continue to be in Jeffrey Epstein’s circle?

The TPPA complaint lists seven facts that are “undisputed”, along with receipts to support their claims:

1. Judge Reinhart publicly denigrated President Donald Trump.

This featured photo is an example of Trump’s biases and disdain.

2. Judge Reinhart quit from a Trump-Hillary Clinton lawsuit citing conflict of interest.

3. Judge Reinhart has a history of ethical issues that includes his association with Jeffrey Epstein.

This should be enough to get you thinking. This connection has been largely ignored by the legacy media.

Par for this course.

4. Judge Reinhart is a close Democrat Party member and has made significant financial contributions to President Barack Obama’s and Jeb Bush’s campaigns.

5. Judge Reinhart was unable to be objective and show partisanship towards former President Trump. Reinhart didn’t do this in this case.

6. Judge Reinhart cannot meet the ethical standards or character that are required for a nonpartisan position as a judge.

Reinhart was appointed Federal Magistrate Judge by the United States District Court of Florida.

Reinhart was also a member of the Court’s CJA Panel. This panel represented indigent criminal defendants. Reinhart was also an Ethics Commissioner on the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics. Reinhart provided pro bono representation via Clemency Project 2014. This program was co-founded and funded by many bar associations. It helped federal prisoners file clemency requests.

Emphasis mine

Let that sink in for a bit.

7. Judge Reinhart’s authorization of the search warrant, and the actions within it, threaten the principle of “equal Justice under Law”, and the trust of American citizens in an impartial judiciary.

Jenny Beth Martin was named Honorary Chairman of TPPA. She further explained her actions in this statement.

Judge Reinhart was unprofessional in authorizing the warrant for searching President Trump’s house.

He should be fired as a federal magistrate. This whole episode which included the search of Trump’s former home threatens the principle of ‘equal justice pursuant to law’ and the trust placed in the impartial judiciary by the American people.

It is unlikely that Judge Reinhart will be removed. Merrick Garland would prefer the tactics to remain secret from the public.


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