Texas Dem Rep. Cuellar Increases Lead Against Justice Democrat-Backed Candidate Who May Seek Recount


Republican Henry Cuellar (D.Texas), is currently 281 votes behind his Democratic primary opponent. Every vote counts when it comes to the fight for the nominations for the House.

In a close runoff election, Cuellar was up against Jessica Cisneros (a Justice Democrats-endorsed candidate). As the votes were added, Cuellar’s lead increased.

Cuellar stated that “As I stated election night, it would hold — and has held and grown.”

“I won this election with every vote from all nine counties in the 28th District. ”

Although Cuellar’s race has not been called by the Associated Press yet, all counties have submitted their results. Cisneros will be able to request a recount until Wednesday if she provides the funds. Since this week, however, Democrats have been raising funds to finance a “recount” account for Cisneros.

Cuellar led Cisneros by 177 votes in the primary election on May 24, but he was confident that the margin would stay.

Cisneros said that the election was still too close for call and that every vote and ballot must be counted.

Cisneros stated at the time that “This fight isn’t over.”

Cuellar, a Congressman from 2005 to 2007, congratulated Cisneros on “a hard-fought fight.”

Cuellar said, “From the time she was an intern in my office, she had potential, and a bright future ahead of her. Cuellar had been previously challenged by Cisneros. Cuellar, despite having the support of Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker) and many of the Democratic leadership, lost the Texas primary in 2020.

Cuellar criticized outside interests for supporting progressive Cisneros campaigns in an interview.

“She raised more money than I did, and I’m one of the most successful fundraisers here in Washington”. Cuellar said that this wouldn’t have been possible in normal circumstances. He also noted that 91% of Cisneros’s financial assistance was from outside Texas.

Radical Special Interest Groups spent more than $10,000,000 to push their New York-based values onto Texans during the past two elections. Cuellar stated that voters stopped them.

Cuellar is one of the House’s most pro-life Democrats. He has been critical of the Biden administration’s handling of the South Border crisis and the rising inflation. Cuellar, one of the House’s last pro-life Democrats, has criticized Biden’s handling of the south border crisis and rising inflation. He also promised to fight for more oil and gas jobs and lower taxes and higher costs for health care.

Cisneros ran for a platform for progressive politics and promoted a pro-union message.

“It took my being in Congressman Cuellar’s office to discover that he wasn’t anti-labor, to find out he’s pro-choice, and to discover that he had had lobbyist after lobbyist through his office and never hosted any families like mine in Washington D.C. He even admitted to me that he was an anti-immigrant,” Cisneros said at a campaign stop with Senator Bernie Sanders, I.Vt.

A leaked Supreme Court opinion indicated that Roe V. Wade might have been overruled. This led to increased attention on the race between Cisneros, and Cuellar. This would allow abortion access not to be protected by the judiciary but to be maintained by the state legislatures.

However, Cisneros’s message appears to have reached many Democrats from Cuellar’s District despite a narrow margin (just a few hundred votes).

Cuellar stated that urban Democrats are distinct from rural Democrats. He said that Cisneros’s positions regarding immigration, which are against natural gas and oil, as well as on cutting the budgets for police, alienated many border residents.

Six counties located closest to Cuellar’s border voted for him in the runoff. Cisneros was favored by San Antonio Democrats.

Cuellar said that liberal Democrats are more likely to live in areas where abortion is more common.

We only brought up the fact that she was for open borders, and for defunding police. He stated that South Texas border residents knew that this was unacceptable.

Cuellar will face Cisneros, or Cuellar if she asks for and wins a recount. This is as the GOP seeks to regain control of the House majority. Cuellar believes voters will balance issues such as abortion and gun control with other issues.

“Jobs still count, but gun control will be an issue for some,” Cuellar said that there are other issues, such as water and border security.


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