Texas Rep. Arrington Says Biden Surrendered Control Of Southern Border


Jodey Arrington, Texas Rep., supports moves made by officials in his state regarding the migrant crisis. He claims President Biden “surrendered command” of the border and describes the situation as an invasion.

In an interview with Fox News Digital this week, the Republican congressman stated that “they are absolutely doing what is right and I commend governor for following suit.”

After a flurry in Texas border-related moves, Arrington spoke. Multiple counties called Tuesday’s crisis at the southern border an invasion and called for Gov. Greg Abbott should do the same, arguing it would give the state greater power to send illegal immigrants into Mexico.

Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan stated that he wanted Americans to believe this was true. “The Biden administration will not do anything about it. They could put an end to this now. They could stop it right away. They don’t have enough courage.”

Abbott signed Thursday’s executive order allowing the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to apprehend illegal immigrants crossing between southern border ports. The order states that illegal aliens can be brought to the United States, but not into Mexico.

Abbott has not yet issued an official invasion declaration. However, his executive order made reference to the word “invasion” and stated that the Biden administration had “abandoned’ the covenant in Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S Constitution that the United States “shall protect each [State] in this Union against Invasion …’”

Arrington presented a resolution last May calling the border crisis, which saw more than 239,000 migrants encounters in May, an invasion. He supported both the actions taken by the counties and those of Abbott. He blamed President Biden and his Administration for the crisis, claiming that they had failed to provide “common defense” and repel an invasion.

He said, “You have a federal administration under the leadership of an inept president who has given up control of the border to paramilitary drug cartels.” These cartels are extremely organized, highly sophisticated and militarily capable.

Arrington pointed out not only the large number of migrants crossing the border but also the fentanyl shortage, which has led to an increase in drug overdoses in the U.S. The majority of fentanyl is smuggled into the United States via the Mexico-land border. In fact, the Drug Enforcement Administration warned in January that there would be a “nationwide surge” in fentanyl-related deaths.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Statistics, more than 105,000 drug-related overdoses occurred in the 12-month period ending October. 66% of these were due to fentanyl and synthetic opioids.

Arrington stated, “If Al Qaeda or ISIS had control over our border and was pushing the poison into our communities killing our families and children, I guarantee that people would see it differently.”

“But it’s an invasion and an onslaught. We are under siege. A governor in good conscience has no choice but to declare it as such. Then they can enforce the laws and secure their borders and protect their citizens. That’s exactly what I believe is happening to our current governor.

He called the criticisms that the governor faced for not going further to declare an invasion officially “premature.”

Arrington stated, “I’m encouraged by the fact that he’s exercising these powers for states in this situation and that the tactics he also mentions in his executive order that will be deployed seem to me to be the right ones.” “And I trust that my governor will implement these in a manner that will turn the tides in Texas. And perhaps other states will follow his lead and be encouraged to do the same. If that happens, more scrutiny and pressure may be applied to this president for failing to perform his most important job.

The Biden administration is also putting pressure on Abbott. They are investigating Operation Lone Star by the state, which pushed for law enforcement and resources to the border in an effort to stop illegal immigration.

Arrington stated that he wasn’t surprised by the efforts made by the administration, whom he claimed had “weaponized the levers of power like no other administration.”

“So I don’t think it is surprising that the administration would abuse their power to harass Gov. Arrington praised Abbott and Texas for standing up for their citizens and defending them when the administration’s policies created this constitutional crisis.

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