Vulnerable House Dem Compares Supreme Court Prayer Decision to Taliban


A vulnerable House Democrat compared Supreme Court’s decision in public schools to that of the Taliban and demanded court-packing.

Rep. Susan Wild, D-Penn., made the comparison during a Wednesday radio interview where she said the Court’s ruling a Christian high school football coach could pray after games “is what happens in theocracies.”

“We could talk about the recent prayer decision out of the Supreme Court and all that stuff and we can talk about the fact that, really, this is all just about making Christianity the law of the land,” Wild wildly claimed. “And quite honestly, that’s what it appears to be.”

“It’s frightening”. “This is what happens in theocracies,” stated the attorney and member for more than thirty years of Congress.

She stated, “Think about Afghan women who were allowed to wear normal clothes to school not too long ago.” “It’s a horrible precedent to set, all for the sake of religion.

Last month, the Supreme Court sided with a former Washington high school football coach. He was fired after he started a silent prayer at 50 yards following football games.

The Taliban are known for murdering Christians and other people who don’t agree with their radical Islamic ideology. The terrorist group that commits mass murder and sexual assault often employs suicide bombers.

Taliban force women and girls to marry Taliban soldiers, even child brides. They also prohibit female students from learning.

The Taliban took control over Afghanistan last year after President Biden’s disaster withdrawal. This resulted in 13 American servicemen being killed in a suicide bombing at Kabul airport’s airport.

Many fled war-torn countries, filling the airport. More than 150 people were also injured in the attack.

The Taliban searched every house for blue passports after the American withdrawal under Biden. This sign means that the person is an American citizen.

Wild stated that she would sign on to a House initiative for four additional justices to the Court following the Supreme Court’s rulings.

Wild said that the Supreme Court was the last refuge for fairness. Wild stated that he believed that the Supreme Court was the best place for justice to be sought. “I have lost all faith in the institution along with approximately 65% of the American populace. ”

Wild stated she believes that the Supreme Court should be reformed and asked her Washington team to create some materials.

Wild said that he would do much of his reflections and study himself, but that he will also sign on to a bill to increase the court size to 13. Wild explained that the number was calculated from the 13 district courts located below the Supreme Court.

Wild said, “Because we have a 3-3 majority, but the 6 members are very young. “Unfortunately, judges don’t seem to be retiring at the same pace as other people.”

Wild’s progressive approach to the Supreme Court could win her brownie points with the extreme left of the Democratic Party. It may not be liked by her constituents.

In this midterm cycle, the Pennsylvania Democrat will face one of the most challenging races. She is also the most vulnerable member of Congress, and the GOP is turning its attention to her.

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