The Democrats’ Capricious Energy Policy Has Been a Disaster


For decades, Democrats have warned that the United States should abandon the most affordable and cost-effective energy sources or it will be consumed by burning fireballs and heat waves.  Every flood, hurricane, and natural weather disaster is blamed on climate change.

So why does Joe Biden encourage everyone to drill when the world is on the verge of an impending apocalypse and Vladimir Putin isn’t at fault? But Democrats are blaming the oil companies for profiteering. The national average Wednesday was $5.014, nearly $2 more than last year. Biden wrote to oil companies warning them that they would abuse their executive power if prices don’t drop immediately. This was a political appeal to the highest levels of “greedflation” possible.

Biden, who in just a few years promised a clean-energy economy that would produce 100% of its energy from renewable sources and emit zero emissions, wants companies to spend more. Everybody knows that when oil prices fall, Democrats will pass regulations and laws that harm their businesses. Tomorrow, they will demand that oil executives are held accountable and bring them before congressional committees.

The price of today is a guarantee of the future. Democrats’ energy policies are a mess. It fluctuates from pernicious and puerile. The Democrats’ energy policy is a chaotic mess. They campaign on the promise of destruction, then demand that it be turned on a dime whenever they want.

Democrats will claim that this crisis is unique as prices have risen at historic highs. This is what the policy progressives have been advocating for years.

Biden promised that no drilling would take place on federal lands in 2020. Blue states have either banned or are working to ban fracking.

Biden signed the Paris Agreement on the first day. He is currently trying to end this agreement. He revoked Keystone XL permits. The pipeline, which spans 1,700 miles, was expected to transport around 800,000. barrels per day into the United States. This price was also included in the price. Biden signed a series of executive orders that placed climate change above production. They also canceled all public oil and natural gas leases. There were signs of an energy boom.

The president should not threaten price control.

But, the economic implications of any policy similar to the Green New Deal that Biden claimed is the “framework” for his efforts on “environmental justice” would be the same as 30 years of economic shutdowns due to coronaviruses. It is a policy that will bring back $5.00 per gallon.

It is impossible to put in place an energy policy in a capricious way and then abandon it when the Democrats lose poll numbers.

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