The Ultra-Feminist Scene from She-Hulk Shows Disney Has Lost It


You are not Disney’s target audience anymore. It wants to cater to a specific group of angry people who would rather be victims than see another group as oppressors. You’re not likely to find any entertainment from Disney for general audiences, which could include you.

A new clip of Disney/Marvel’s “She-Hulk” is out, and it is so radically feminist it could easily have come out of 2014, like its CGI.

You can see it below. Here’s Jennifer Walters (portrayed by Tatiana Maslany), telling Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), that she is better at controlling her anger towards him because she has to deal daily with misogyny.

It’s been a rough road for Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk). He attempted suicide and feared that he might hurt someone. This man went into exile. The same man attacked his teammates when he became The Hulk due to the evil plans of a villain. After being made a gladiator on another planet, he was forced to become human again by his alter-half. He lost his love and was left without any options.

She-Hulk’s problem is worse when men shout at her.

This show’s writers are terrible. It’s obvious. This monologue was impossible to land in this universe, where the main characters have to deal with universal threats that can snap apart half of existence. They also had to watch their friends die in galactic wars.

Let’s look at what woe is me speech looks like. It comes from The Hulk, who is the only one she’s actually talking to. Banner explains how he lives in fear and self-loathing due to what he is capable of, but not able to control.

People will understand this because it is despite his self-focus that it makes sense for him. He is a monster, and he wants it to stop but can’t. He is bitter about the hand dealt to him and doesn’t care where he goes or who he is with, he feels that he doesn’t belong.

She-Hulk on the other hand is bragging about how she can control her temper better than him because she has to deal with far more adversity just by being a woman. It’s not logical, especially in this universe, so it doesn’t work. Maybe Banner would have laughed in her face and told her his story, but that is unlikely to be the case. This is the new Disney.

While I believe that Disney’s goal is to not only attract viewers but also to promote a message to their audience, I don’t see how they can get them to listen when the message is delivered in such a poor way. This will only cause more division, and it is being shared across the internet.

Disney has clearly taken a bad turn, and it might be worth canceling your Disney+ subscription. With the new offerings from Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar, there is little left but the nostalgia for older, better creations.


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