Majority of Americans Think FBI is Acting Like Joe Biden’s Political Police


A Rasmussen poll has shown how much the public views the FBI has changed since the raid on President Donald Trump’s home.

44% of U.S. citizens are less likely to trust the FBI than 29 percent, while 29% say they trust it more.

The FBI is considered “Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo” by 53 percent of Americans.

The Biden team took one of our most admired law enforcement agencies, banana republic land. This is a serious problem because we believe in equal law enforcement and not men’s rule.

Only the opinions of Democrats are keeping the FBI from sinking completely. In the meantime, Republicans and Independents have less faith in them.

Democratic voters approve of the FBI most, including its raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. 75% (75%) of Democrats have a positive opinion of the FBI, compared to 63% in December. The FBI is now viewed favorably by only 30% of Republicans, compared to 38% in December. Nearly half (49%) of GOP voters have a Very Unfavorable opinion of the FBI. Only 45% of voters who are not affiliated with either major party have a positive impression of the FBI, while 50% see it negatively.

50 percent of Democrats believe that the FBI raid on Trump’s house made them more trustful, while 70% of Republicans think the Mar-a-Lago raid caused them to trust the FBI less. Unaffiliated voters say 46% believe Trump’s raid made them less trustful of the FBI, 18% say it made them more trustful, and 29% claim that the Trump raid didn’t make a difference to their confidence in the FBI.

It is interesting to see some of those on the left who have repeatedly attacked the FBI and/or supported defunding police suddenly embrace the FBI as they believe it will help them get Trump.

Although the FBI has been declining since 2016, when Hillary Clinton was given a pass, the Biden team has made it worse. It is striking how different they treated Clinton in 2016 and Trump today.

Many believe that Trump will be indicted by this FBI action. Maybe. Maybe they want the legal threat to harm him and to use against him if it happens again. Perhaps it’s like an “insurance policy” if we recall the words of Peter Strzok, a disgraced ex-FBI official.

A Morning Consult poll found that while the FBI raid hurt American opinion, it has boosted Trump’s popularity with Republicans. It’s also influenced whether or not they want Trump to run again for president.

The poll found Trump with 58% support from GOP voters, his highest lead since Trump’s 2020 election defeat. 71% of Republicans believe Trump should run in the 2024 election.

We reported previously that it increased the motivation for Republicans and Independents to vote. According to a Trafalgar Group survey, 83.3 percent of Republicans voted and 71.7% of independents voted. Both groups believe it was politically motivated.

While Americans think that the “Biden Gestapo,” was trying to bring down Trump, they actually made him and the Republicans stronger.

So great job, FBI.


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