This FBI Tweet Just Got Nuked by Community Notes

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Last week, the FBI probably didn’t expect to be fact-checked this brutally on social media. The agency’s director, Christopher Wray, testified before Congress that the agency had always complied with the rules and regulations concerning the process required in obtaining FISA spy warrants against American citizens. We know that’s a total lie. The bureau doctored evidence to secure FISA warrants against former Trump campaign officials, Carter Page being the top target.

The bureau tweeted a clip of Wray detailing how the law enforcement and domestic intelligence agency complies with Section 702. If it weren’t for a community note on Twitter, this would’ve been taken as gospel. As it so happens, the fact check annotation included a story from The Hill, which reported that the FBI had violated the Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens over 250,000 times with illegal FISA spy warrants

Do we need reminding that the FBI is staffed with bad people, the worst in committing acts of government overreach? Agents visit people’s homes because they posted anti-Biden material on social media. Illegal FISA warrants are atrocious, but now they’re targeting Americans exercising free speech rights. Why? Are they compiling an enemies list?


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