This Is How the Biden Harris Campaign Wanted People to Celebrate Thanksgiving

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If you were like most Americans, you preferred your Thanksgiving to be free from politics. Madeline covered on Thursday how a recent Quinnipiac University poll showed that 60 percent of Americans hoped to “avoid politics” at the dinner table. The Biden-Harris administration didn’t get that memo, though.

On Thursday morning, the Biden-Harris HQ campaign put out a lengthy thread over X to do with “Your Handy Guide for Responding to Crazy MAGA Nonsense This Thanksgiving.” 

The thread was made even more ridiculous by how President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden shared a “unifying message” when calling into the Macy’s Day parade, at least according to a headline from PEOPLE.

Such supposed “nonsense” involved factua talking points such as how “The economy was better under Trump!,” “Trump’s going to protect our Social Security and Medicare!,” “Trump secured our border!,” “There’s no federal ban on abortion, you can still get one–what’s the big deal?,” “Trump is better for workers!,” “World leaders respected Trump and the world was safer!,” and “Trump is winning in the polls!”

All of these talking points have at least some truth to them, though. The Biden-Harris campaign responses are all bad, though some are more cringe than others. Some of bullet point responses simply involve lines such as “Wrong” and “Are you kidding me?”

The talking points on the economy, immigration, and foreign policy were particularly terrible. 

“Inflation is the lowest it’s been in two years,” one bullet point claimed. First of all, Biden has been in office for more than two years. A GoBankingRates piece shows the inflation rate for every president from Lyndon B. Johnson to Biden. Of those 11 presidents, Biden has the third highest inflation rate of 5 percent, behind only Presidents Richard Nixon’s 10.9 percent and Jimmy Carter’s 11.8 percent. 

Trump had an inflation rate of 1.4 percent, the second lowest on the list behind President George W. Bush’s 0 percent.

Here’s what the piece had to say about Trump on the economy, which is mostly good:

When looking at the numbers, Donald Trump is mostly better than average. Inflation was just 1.4% during his years, which is the second lowest. The poverty rate during his years also ties him with Ford for the second lowest on this list. GDP growth was also fourth highest for him. At over 6% though, unemployment was on the high end for him, putting him fifth highest in that category.

That claim from the Biden campaign likely isn’t fooling many people, if it fools anyone.  RealClearPolitics (RCP) has Biden with just a 33.8 percent approval rating on inflation, while 63.4 percent disapprove. 

Another bullet point mentions that “Thanksgiving costs compared to last year” are cheaper. Trump wasn’t president last year, though. Biden was. And this Thanskgiving looked to be one of the most expensive on record. 

Still another response included a point that is the lie that just won’t die, no matter how many times it’s been fact-checked, including by Townhall. The claim for the amount of jobs that Biden has supposedly created is now up to 14 million, even though those jobs are the result o people returning to jobs that were lost when the economy was impacted due to the pandemic. 

When it comes to immigration, these points about securing the border are perhaps the most lacking. Other than the “No he didn’t” response, it’s all just fearmongering about how divisive Trump supposedly is on the issue. And there’s zero mention of how the border has been wide open during the Biden administraiton, or that there’s been record-high amounts of border crossings during this presidency. 

On immigration, RCP has Biden with a 33.8 percent approval rating. 

The thread describes foreign policy as “Leadership on the world stage,” which includes a bullet point on how “Heads of state literally laughed and mocked Trump at the UN,” describing a body that has become even less credible as it becomes even more antisemitic. Such is just one reason why it’s worth defunding, though. 

Another bullet point also points to Trump, Kim Jong Un and Iran. This is all laughable, though, especially given that the Biden administration announced on the anniversary of September 11 that $6 billion would go towards Iran as part of a prisoner exchange. Further, even after the October 7 terrorist attack that Hamas perpetrated against Israel–with Iran’s support, the Biden administration still extended a waiver allowing Iran to take in roughly $10 billion in exchange for electricity purchases from Iraq.

It’s worth noting that the last one, about Trump’s lead in the polls, the Biden-Harris campaign didn’t bother to claim otherwise. As of early Friday morning, RCP has Trump up +2.3. Sure, the polls could change. Anything could happen between now and just under a year away. That doesn’t change how Biden isn’t where he wants to be, potentially where he even needs to be.

Such wasn’t the only terrible take from the ticket over X on Thanksgiving. Vice President Kamala Harris, as Spencer covered earlier, posted a picture of her and husband, Doug Emhoff, with a gas stove in the background.


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