WATCH: Fearful Release by Hamas, Then Joyful Welcome Home of Israeli Hostages by Their Families

AP Photo/Andres Kudacki

As we previously reported,聽the first group of hostages who had been kidnapped by Hamas terrorists were released on Friday. They included 13 Israelis, 10 Thai citizens, and one Filipino citizen. Unfortunately, no American citizens yet.聽

Of the Israelis, six were elderly women, four were young children, and three were the mothers of the children. As indicated in the above tweet, they are: 

  • Aviv Katz, 2
  • Raz Katz, 4
  • Emilia Aloni, 5
  • Ohad Mundar, 9
  • Doron Katz, 34
  • Danielle Aloni, 44
  • Keren Mundar, 54
  • Adina Moshe, 72
  • Hanna Katzir, 77
  • Ruth Mundar, 78
  • Margalit Mozes, 78
  • Channa Peri, 79
  • Yaffa Adar, 85

Now there’s video and more detail about the release. 

This was the disturbing video of the release where many look dazed and afraid. We should remember what terrorists evil do when they take people like this. 

Even as they’re being released, it looks like the crowd can’t leave them alone. Anyone who would do this are just vile human beings. 

Then came the welcome home and that by contrast was so joyous. 

In this video, you can see nine-year-old Ohad Mundar turn the corner and see his father and his brother. He takes off at a run to them and his father sweeps him up into his arms. His brother pats him on the head and then rushes to embrace their mother, Keren Munder. Grandmother Ruth Mundar is also embraced.聽

Here was the “happiest man in world,” husband and father Yoni Asher, reunited with his two little girls, Aviv and Ram, and their mother, Doron. 

And an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor in the arms of her family. 

Danielle Aloni and little Emelia Aloni.聽

Emelia is welcomed home by Grandma. The child’s joy says it all. 

More hostages are to be released over the next few days. 

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly indicated the number of elderly Israeli women released was five rather than six. The article has been updated to reflect the correct total. We apologize to our readers for the error. 


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