Trump Exposes House J6 Committee as a ‘BUST’ in Response to Final Hearing


Thursday’s January 6 kangaroo court was the last act of the House Democrats and RINOs who were behind it. The hearing ended with unanimous resolution that ex-President Donald Trump should be subpoenaed. As if this was the way to save Democratic candidates from being slaughtered.

A fast response was received by the former President. He responded in three Truth Social posts to the main topics of today’s hearing, and exhorted them.

The House J6 Committee hearing on Thursday was the ninth such event since earlier in the year.

Trump first responded to the sham panel airing never-before seen footage of Nancy Pelosi (D.Calif.) ), and Chuck Schumer (then-Senate Majority leader) (D.N.Y.). Pelosi, huddling in the Capitol Building basement during Jan. 6 protests.

Some believe the footage was broadcast by the House committee to vindicate the Democratic Speaker. Many believe he is still responsible for the chaos of that day, because he failed to respond appropriately to the dangerous events unfolding.

“Why didn’t Crazy Nancy Pelosi call these ‘troops” before January 6th? It is something I strongly recommend she does. Trump stated that it was her responsibility.

Trump’s second blog post poked fun at the “Unselect” committee for completely forgetting the possibility that voter fraud could occur before, during, and after 2020.

Trump wrote that the Unselect Committee had knowingly failed to investigate the massive voter fraud which occurred during 2020 Presidential Election-The Reason for what happened January 6th. ”

The former president asked a question in his third post that was repeated by many pundits today. The committee reclassified it to a “business meeting”, so why did they delay calling Trump forward until today’s final hearing? This is exactly the opposite of what an investigation should focus on.

“Why didn’t the Unselect Committee ask me to testify a few month ago?” “They waited until the very end, the last minutes of their last meeting. This has only served to further divide our nation – A laughing stock worldwide,” the former president wrote.

A fair observer would see that Trump’s subpoena vote was used by the House J6 committee to distort his identity before the midterm elections, and especially ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Trump will likely laugh when he takes their subpoenas and tosses them in the trashcan. Trump is likely to laugh as he tore up their subpoena and threw it in the trashcan. This will lead to legal battles that could last for the entire life of the committee. It will be a waste of taxpayer money, and time.

CNN, MSNBC, and a few other established media outlets will continue covering the story for a while. But the truth is that most Americans are more worried about President Joe Biden’s record-high grocery and gas prices than they were about something nearly two years ago.

I told J6 that it was a “nice effort”, but it wasn’t.

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