New Video Shows Pelosi Threatened To Punch Out Trump On Jan. 6


New footage shows the moment that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatened then-President Trump with physical strike if he joined protestors at the Capitol.Pelosi, in the video that was shared publicly on Thursday, admits that her actions could have led to her going to prison. A consequence she stated she would be happy to accept.

Alexandra Pelosi (the daughter of the Speaker) recorded the new footage. It was released on Thursday during the House Jan.6 Committee hearing. CNN provided additional context for the clip in a segment on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.

Pelosi made the remarks while Trump was at Ellipse, two miles from the Capitol. Trump stated that he would join his supporters at Capitol to officialize the presidential election results.

Trump did not march on the Capitol with those who were quickly killed.

The committee, headed by Rep. Bennie Thompson held its final hearing on Thursday afternoon after a long investigation into the Capitol riot.

Thompson stated that Donald Trump did something unprecedented in the history of the United States. In a shocking betrayal to his oath, Donald Trump tried to plot an attack on a pillar in our democracy. It is still difficult to believe.

Witnesses who appeared before the committee weren’t cross-examined.

Surprisingly, the committee unanimously voted in favor of subpoenaing Trump to testify.

Trump, who has been a regular critic of the investigation and the committee, called it a “total failure” and stated that the purpose of the committee was to “further divide” the country.

Fox News Digital was told by a source close to Trump that he “loves” the idea of appearing before the committee. He could then “talk [about how corrupt the election was], how corrupt that committee was and why Nancy Pelosi didn’t call up the National Guard, which Trump strongly advised her to do on January 3, 2021.”

This information was also teased by the president in another social media posting.

Trump attacked the investigation and the committee in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Thursday.

Trump stated to Fox News Digital that it was a “partisan witch hunt” and that two Republicans were thrown out of his party, one for not wanting to run as he couldn’t win, and the other losing by a record 40 points.

Trump, who is open to running again in 2024’s election, didn’t say whether he would testify before this committee.

He stated that he would reply to the “Unselect Committee political Hacks & Thugs” tomorrow morning at 8:00.


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