Trump Isn’t Just a Politician, He’s a Culture


Donald Trump is a very special man to so many of us.

Turning Point USA hosted the Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida. The attendees made it clear that they loved Donald Trump.

They wore pins and shirts with Trump’s image or name on them. It would be foolish to believe that he is still president.

This level of loyalty has never been seen by any politician in history. As new scrutiny of their decisions is applied, your memories will start to fade.

Trump is becoming more popular every year. Ron DeSantis is his only challenger. A SAS straw poll found that DeSantis was ahead of Trump by a significant percentage in a hypothetical presidential race.

So much for Pence 2024

— No Cap Poso (@JackPosobiec) July 24, 2022

After SAS, it was obvious to me that Trump was more than a popular politician. He was a walking, talking culture.

We can forget Trump being the only one in the spotlight. Let’s take a look at Trump culture from a different angle. The main character is followed closely by secondary and third-tier characters.

Donald Trump Jr., for instance, is a secondary character in Trump Culture. Trump Jr. is a popular individual. He posts anything online as an invitation to the rest of the globe to join him in the fight.

Trump is not only a product of his family’s culture.

He also has secondary characters that help him build his brand. They are influencers and contributors to the community.

All of these factors contribute to Trump’s culture. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the largest contributor to Trump culture: The left.

The biggest joke between Democrat Party members and the left is that Trump would not be as popular if they stopped talking so much about him after he was elected. Leftists’ strategy in the midterms has been to spread the belief that Trumpism is destroying this country and that only they can fix it.

They could also send out spam to all Americans with the message “he truly injured us and is afraid of him”, encouraging Republicans to be more supportive of him.

All of this makes Trump a politician, public figure, and sub-culture. It wins battles both politically and socially. Every victory brings new reasons to join.

There’s still plenty of football left to play until 2024. It’s also impossible to predict the political landscape. Trump will still be the favorite to win the Republican primary as well as the general election if he is as strong and culturally sound as his people.

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