Twitter Suspends Breaking 911 After They Report on Viral Ad from AZ GOP Candidate


There have been many Twitter suspensions. They also slapped Jordan Peterson for “deadnaming” Elliot Page, a transgender actor. Then, they suspended Dave Rubin from reporting on Peterson’s suspension and making comments. Elon Musk spoke out against Peterson’s suspension, saying that they “go way too far in suppressing dissenting views.”

Twitter suspended Breaking 911 on Wednesday. This account, which has a million followers, posts only news.

Breaking 911 was contacted by Libs of TikTok. They received a notice stating that the matter was about “ban evasion.” However, Breaking 911 informed Libs that they have never had another account and that they have never evaded a ban. Elon Musk was also included in the post by Libs, a reference to yet another unfair and unjustified move by Twitter.

Some commented that it was in line with the viral ad by Jerone Davison, Arizona GOP candidate for governor, which featured Democrats dressed in Klan robes as a reason to “need” an AR-15.

After the chaos began, Twitter restored the account and people started asking Twitter for clarifications. Twitter replied to an NBC inquiry that the account was suspended in “error” due to an “automated mail filter.” Were we ever told that this had happened before in “error?” This error seems to be more frequent in one direction. This is not something that I believe anyone would buy. This explanation doesn’t seem to be well received on the platform.

Breaking 911 reports that while Twitter did respond to NBC, they didn’t respond to Breaking 911’s questions on the matter.

This is biased. Why do they respond to NBC but not to the account holder? This is another way to say “We recognize NBC’s news but not you,” even if Breaking 911 was the account in question.

Brandi Zadrozny, NBC’s reporter about the suspension, also attacked Breaking 911. She said that Breaking 911 was the “most famous” among the Breaking accounts. Breaking 911 responded with a humorous “sidenote”.

They also included a clip featuring Brian Williams, who is well-known for his scandalous statements on the network. He was not fired by NBC because of it. It wasn’t for truth or objectivity. He was instead reassigned to MSNBC.

We won’t get any answers to these questions or any changes with the current crew, which seems to have no problem doing this kind of thing. Musk’s arrival is impossible to predict, but it may take several months before the deal is finalized.

The takeaway is, that if you are not okay with murdering babies, you don’t believe in crossdressing transgender freaks trying to groom your children,  and don’t believe in the views of the left, then you have no business being on Twitter because they are going to block or suspend your account for being honest and having morals.


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