Voters Believe Republicans More Concerned With Top Issues, Democrat Leaders Out Of Touch


A HarrisX/October Harris Poll survey revealed that voters believe Republicans are more aware of the most pressing issues facing the country than Democrats.

Respondents were asked to answer a survey about the “most important issues facing the country right now” weeks before the highly anticipated midterm elections in 2022.

Overall, price increases/inflation are the top issue. 37% consider it to be the most important. 29 percent identified the economy, jobs, 23 percent said immigration, and 18% said crime and drug as the top issues.

Moreover, respondents indicated that top concerns for Americans are the same as the perceived concerns of Republicans. They believe Republican Party leaders are most concerned about immigration, inflation, price rises, the economy, and jobs.

Democrat leaders seem out of touch. Voters view January 6 as the most important day, with women’s rights and climate change at the top of their list.

These data could be trouble for Democrats as Americans have seen a dramatic increase in crime and prices under President Biden’s leadership. Democrats also control both the Senate, and the House.

For example, consumer prices are up 8.2 percentage points compared to one year ago. Individuals are also concerned about rising crime. Conservative senators call for President Biden’s full support of American cities facing these problems.

According to estimates, 5 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border in the time since Biden’s election. Authorities at the Southern border have seized enough fentanyl in June to kill 140 million people.

This survey was conducted among 2,010 registered voters between October 12-13, 2022.


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