Joe Biden Was Aware And Potentially Involved In Son Hunter’s Crony Business Dealings


New documents obtained by whistleblowers show that President Biden knew about Hunter Biden’s business arrangements. He may have been involved in some,” Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said Monday. This indicates that there is “voluminous evidence” from the FBI regarding these criminal ventures.

Monday morning, Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, sent a letter to Attorney general Merrick Galrland and FBI Director Christopher Wray. The letter outlined new whistleblower claims about the FBI’s possession “significant and significant evidence” regarding possible criminal conduct by Hunter Biden and James Biden. Hunter Biden is being investigated by Weiss.

Grassley claimed that FBI had a variety of documents regarding Mykola Zlochevsky’s ownership of Burisma, a Ukrainian natural-gas company. Hunter Biden was also a member.

An investigation into Hunter Biden began in 2019 by Sen. Ron Johnson (R.Wis.) as well as Grassley. It was found that Obama officials knew Hunter Biden’s status as a member on Burisma’s board, which prevented “the efficient execution” of policy regarding Ukraine.

Hunter Biden joined Burisma in April 2014 as a member of the board. According to reports, he linked the company with Blue Star Strategies (a consulting firm) in order to help the natural gas company fight corruption in Ukraine. Hunter Biden was a board member of Joe Biden, who is vice president and manages U.S.-Ukraine relationships for the Obama administration.

Grassley also highlighted a summary of an FBI interview with Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski dated October 23, 2020, in which Bobulinski stated that Hunter and James Biden had entered into a business agreement to receive foreign nationals connected to the Chinese government. Joe Biden was vice president.

Grassley said that the summary of Bobulinski interviews showed that work was “intentionally not compensated” while Joe Biden was vice president.

Grassley cited this summary and stated Hunter Biden and James Biden formed a joint venture in order to offer financial compensation.

SinoHawk Holdings was named after the joint venture that was a partnership of Ye Jianming and Hunter. Oneida Holdings LLC held 50% of SinoHawk and Hudson West IV had 50%.

According to the summary, Oneida was made up of five equally divided LLCs. One for each business associate, Hunter Biden and James Biden.

Bobulinski told the FBI Hunter Biden held 10% of his interest, and that he was “to be held” by Joe Biden.

Fox News first reported on an email discussing “renumeration plans for six people” in the context of a CEFC business agreement in October 2020. The email, which appeared to be a reference to CEFC, identified Biden as “Chair/Vice-chair depending on CEFC agreement.”

Hunter stated in an email that he has some office expectations. Hunter would like to expand on these expectations. H would receive 20 percent of the equity and H would receive 10 percent. We don’t need any more details.

Bobulinski told Fox News that Hunter Biden called Bobulinski ‘the Big Guy’ and’my Chairman’. He also stated that he often asked Bobulinski for his opinion or to sign off on possible deals.

In Grassley’s letter to Wray and Garland, Weiss, Grassley also included the Oneida Operating Agreement, which included the “percentage interests for each individual.” This agreement was signed on May 22, 2017.

Grassley said that the FBI also had a document that noted that Joe Biden (then Vice President) met Hunter Biden and his business associates at a Los Angeles conference in May 2, 2017 (and May 3rd 2017).

Fox News reported the first time about these meetings after receiving text messages by Hunter Biden and Bobulinski. The messages suggest that there was a meeting but it is unclear what the contents of the meeting might be.

According to the program directory the conference was called The Milken 2017 Global Conference. It was partly held at Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Hunter replied, “Dad will not be in now until 11- Let me Jim and Jim meet at 10 at Beverly Hilton where he’s currently sleeping.”

Bobulinski sent James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, on May 2, 2017,: “Great to see you and spend time together. Please thanks Joe for his time. It was great to discuss thx Tony B.”

Bobulinski sent Jim Biden another text message on May 3, 2017, to say “Morning. Please send me all information for this mrng. I do not have the right credentials to enter Milken. I want to be sure that it isn’t a problem for me to get in. How do we meet this Mrng

Monday’s letter from Grassley stated in part that the meetings had been made public. The FBI kept documents referencing these data points, but it wasn’t made public.

Grassley claims that Bobulinski’s interview gave evidence to his office, which provided a “sufficient basis”, to open a full field investigation into pay-to-play grounds. It is unclear if this was done by the FBI or if it is part of the ongoing criminal investigation led by Weiss.

Grassley said that the FBI and Justice Department had not “disputed” the truth of the allegations he made.

Grassley asked for information from the Justice Department about the Hunter Biden investigation prior to October 27, so Congress can “perform an independent and objective review.”

Hunter repeatedly asked Biden if he had ever spoken to Hunter about his business dealings. Biden has repeatedly denied knowing or being involved in Hunter’s business ventures since the 2020 campaign trail.

Federal authorities are currently investigating Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.


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