WATCH: Newsom Describes Seeing Theft in Target; His Reaction Is Truly Wild and Says Everything About Him

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

How bad have things gotten in California under Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom? 

Newsom himself gave a great example of just how bad things are. 

Newsom was on a Zoom press conference call about a mental health ballot measure that voters will be voting on March 5. During the call, Newsom explained how he saw someone shoplifting at a Target, and when he asked a Target worker to stop the shoplifter, he got a reaction that he didn’t expect. 

The worker explained they didn’t go after the shoplifter because of the governor, not realizing this was that same governor saying there was no accountability. 

Newsom claimed he told her that the $950 threshold for grand theft was the “10th toughest threshold” in the United States. 

Then the worker realized who he was, and Nwesom claimed she wanted to take photos. He said he told her he would not be taking photos — and then asked where her manager was.

 I’m not believing this part for a minute; if she was blaming him, I doubt she’d want pictures with him, except perhaps to rag on him. 

Then Newsom said he questioned why he was spending $380 when everyone else walked right out. 

How completely lacking in self-awareness is Newsom, that he doesn’t seem to understand that this is going on. Employees in his state are being told not to bother with shoplifters like this because they wouldn’t face any consequences. 

Indeed, Newsom seems more upset about the worker blaming him for it than about the Democratic policies that have led to this problem (along with the liberal DAs that refuse to prosecute such cases). 

He’s upset with the worker and calls the manager on her? Is he kidding? It’s not the worker’s fault.  

He might not have been the governor then, but it was another Democrat, Gov. Jerry Brown, and we can see from what Newsom says he has no idea what is happening now on his watch. Plus, he’s defended Prop. 47 in the past. As recently as Jan. 15, he claimed that wasn’t the reason for the problem. 

Perhaps one of the worst parts is Newsom’s final thought: Why is he bothering to pay, if no one else has to, for his $380 purchase? Isn’t that such a Democratic thought, instead of how could this possibly have happened or how he should have worked to fix this long ago? He’s so lost, that he doesn’t realize how bad this makes him look. 

The final shocker is that all the people listening just laugh; they don’t realize or seem to care what this says about Newsom or the situation in California. 

X user MorosKostas wrote:

This is hilarious. Theft is so common in California that it happened right in front of Newsom, and when the cashier (who didn’t realize it was Newsom) said they can’t stop shoplifters due to the California government, Newsom got mad at her and asked to see the manager.



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