What is Strategically Missing From the GOP’s Commitment to America


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy released the “Commitment to America”, a document that is beautiful and aimed at achieving the GOP’s inexorable goal. Republicans want to appeal to their base’s broad talking points in a shallow and superficial way. This is to make it appear that they support their cause without actually agreeing to anything transformative that would offend their donors or puppet masters. The document scored a huge victory on that score. Aside from that, it was a disappointment.

It isn’t offensive to read the document or its supporting messaging. Most conservatives would agree with it. It quickly becomes apparent that the text contains nothing offensive, and that it is just a vague platitude. There will be no concrete commitments to bring those policies to life.

To determine if the GOP truly believes in the right policies and solutions, it is necessary to first examine the preamble to see if Republicans really understand the problem that plagues our government. The document is written in the 1980s, but it could have been written at any time. We have a recession, a bad economy, and too many criminals. We need pro-growth policies to empower small businesses. We love the police and want you to feel safe.

Although it’s not exactly what they meant, this is the main point. As though this were all normal, we’ve seen this same problem before and have the same solutions, although we use a few unique phrases like “investigate China,” big tech censorship, and women in female sports.

It isn’t even acknowledged that this is the Fourth Reich and that the economic collapse was not an accident. We have also suffered the most tyranny, destruction, and utter ruin in civilization history. This is COVID fascism, which is the largest omission in this document. It’s almost as if nothing has happened in the last two-and-a-half years. No throwaway line was even mentioned that would ban all mandates. The GOP did not acknowledge that inflation was a result of COVID-19 policies. It is also not acknowledged that the energy crisis is more than inflation. It is about using the COVID lockdowns, and social control to create an identical situation with food and energy.

What do they think of the past two years?

Over the past two decades, Democrats in Washington have led America down the wrong track. They have created crisis after crisis, from rampant crime and crippling inflation to failing schools and border chaos, and disrespect for the nation around the world.

Notice that COVID fascism, the topic of the century, is not mentioned. Other than a throwaway comment about the “politicization of the DOJ”, the persecution of Americans because of their political beliefs isn’t mentioned anywhere. Although they mention female sports, they do not mention transgenderism, castration in hospitals, mixed bathrooms, or the wider licentious culture and rotgut. While they talk about school choice, a parent bill, and rights for parents, they never mention critical race theory’s 800-pound gorilla and the patient bill of rights that would address the hospital genocide.

We all know why the Republicans left out these issues. At least, anyone who is familiar with their thinking and sensibilities. This also casts doubt on some of the other issues they mentioned, like illegal immigration and crime. It’s difficult to disagree with their writings on these issues. However, considering that the GOP was on the opposite side of those issues last decade (and they still are if you take the time to look closely), their rhetoric doesn’t inspire confidence. The GOP has no other option than to call on state Republicans to put those policies into practice and fight for them in budget funding bills. Both of these are not mentioned on the website. Never is the phrase “power of the purse” used.

They don’t properly frame the issue, even though it is related to big tech. The government is working with all corporations to create an Apartheid to bar political opponents from life and liberty. This includes denying people organ transplants to those who are not eligible for them and restricting the speech rights of COVID-fascist doctors. They minimize and trivialize the problem, such as “70% of Republican campaign email go to spam on Google Mail, compared with just 10% of Democrat campaign email.”

Although the document and its supporting presentations promote energy production, they don’t pledge to repeal existing green energy mandates that Republicans supported and continue to support. They believe oil and gas production can coexist alongside climate fascism just as they think personal freedom can be lived harmoniously with the big-pharma vaccine agenda.

They are focused on funding police and hiring 200,000 more officers. Isn’t this a state issue? They fail to grasp the main problem, which is the liberal judges and de-incarceration program. Unless that agenda is changed, which has been supported by the GOP for many years, more cops will only lead to catch-and-release.

They are focused on drugs and Fentanyl as a bridge to crime and the border. But again, it was Republicans that pushed for the largest de-incarceration bill ever. This bill released federal drug traffickers who were extremely dangerous from prison.

While the plan contains many references to China being held accountable, Republicans are funding China’s “thousand talent” program. This program has over 350K Chinese students per year. In addition, they are supporting foreign workers from China or India who drains our supply chains and promote brain gain in India and China. It is absurd to see their steadfast and unambiguous support for any form of legal immigration. McConnell is pushing for unqualified, unconditional legal immigration more than ever.

The document states that the military should “support our troops and invest in an efficient and effective military.” The supporting material refers only to the growth of our Navy and rails for the Afghan pullout. There is no mention of the problems of social engineering, climate change fascism, and transgenderizing plaguing military personnel. Nor is there any reference to the absence of a clear military strategic mission or how our troops were treated during COVID. It’s about throwing more money after the broke and woke military. This is just like throwing money at the police without addressing key policies.

This is a screen grab of the one-page document.

It’s understandable that Republicans want to keep things simple by sending out a few talking points. They should have also backed it with another document with legislative ideas. This would have detailed exactly what they plan on passing in the first 100-days and how they plan to support those ideas in budget bills. And, if necessary, how they will get Republican legislatures to adopt the ideas in the states. Although the 1994 Contract with America is relatively short, it contains a number of very specific policies for the first 100 days.

Republicans have never spoken a word about illegal immigrants for years. It’s now acceptable to bring up the topic in general discussions, even though it may be irremediable. Always a day late, always a dollar short. But when it comes down to the latest issues (e.g. vaccines, medical freedom, and grooming), critical race theory, deep state, etc. They won’t offer any broad platitudes.

Republicans are like a man discovering a murderous criminal and leaving his home with a knife in his hand after killing his family. Instead of running to avenge his blood, proceeds to rage at the robber for stepping into his yard on his way out. They have always done this to help Democrats instigate problems by agreeing with the premise. They then, while agreeing to the principle and helping to continue the policy, rail against the most extreme manifestations of yesterday’s policy in an effort to create some distance between the parties. It is a vicious circle that pushes the Overton window ever more in one direction.

Republicans believe in the pharma COVID plan, that legal immigration is needed, that there is an over-incarceration problem, and that climate change is a problem. Yet, they are scathing about the extreme measures that Democrats take to pursue these agendas. It is important to observe what Republicans leave out of their criticisms and their forward-looking plans. They have not promised legislation to ban any single COVID-related offense in the last 2.5 years. This is just amazing. This would be similar to Republicans running the 2010 elections and not mentioning Obamacare.

In four to six years, Republicans might finally talk about COVID fascism the same way they discuss illegal immigration. We are now confronted by an issue that somehow outweighs today’s calamities. If this is our opposition, may God bless us all.


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