Yikes: Adam Kinzinger Says Something Incredible Silly About Texas’ Battle to Defend Itself

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

I think it’s fair to say I don’t think very highly of Adam Kinzinger, and I think I’m in good company with a lot of people on that score. 

You would think that if someone manages to be a member of Congress, he/she would have some basic knowledge to be able to execute his/her job. As we saw, Kinzinger didn’t have a lot of sense throwing in with the Democrats on the Jan. 6 Committee. He’s also fallen for other nonsensical things like the Sam Hyde joke about the Ghost of Kyiv. He completely embarrassed himself by having a fit over a post about Ukraine from Catturd. Then Kinzinger said he was mentally preparing to leave the X social media platform. But, as one might expect, he’s still there. It’s a perfect background for becoming a CNN pundit, his present “job.” 


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Even given that history, the ignorance of American history that he revealed in a new post on X was stunning. Our friends at Twitchy reported on his comments against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Now, you would think that a “Republican” would be against Biden’s failed handling of the border. But that’s if he were a Republican and was honest. Maybe that doesn’t apply to Kinzinger.

Paxton was doing an interview with Rob Schmitt, and he said that Texas never would have joined the Union if that meant they wouldn’t have the power to protect themselves. 

Kinzinger responded to that–and it was clear he didn’t have any idea what Paxton was talking about. 

Texas didn’t join the Union? Kinzinger seemed to think that talking about the “Union,” meant Paxton was talking about the Civil War. He didn’t seem to understand that Paxton was talking about Texas joining the Union in 1845, after it had been an independent state. Yikes, that’s his level of understanding American history, when the meaning was clear. 

But imagine not only being that ignorant but now apparently taking Joe Biden’s side in this battle, when the right side and Republicans are on the side of the defense of the people. 

Kinzinger just keeps showing again and again how clueless he is. 

The worst part of this for him? He moved to Texas after he didn’t run again for his House seat in Illinois, and he thinks he could run against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). I’m thinking people from Texas were already going to give him the stink-eye if he ran for office. But this new post would just ensure it, and earn him a monumental loss if he tried. 


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