Another Ex Nevada Official Arrested for Murder, Previously Had Similar Charges Dismissed


Tudor Chirila (77), former Nevada Deputy Attorney general, was arrested in a 50-year cold murder case. Reno police executed on September 6 a search warrant to obtain DNA from Chirila. He attempted suicide two days later. Chirila was detained on Wednesday for fugitive and murder charges.

Nancy Anderson, 19, was murdered in 1972 in Waikiki. She was stabbed 60 more times. The police received a tip and were able to obtain DNA from John Chirila’s father, Chirila. This made him the prime suspect in the crime.

Chirila was convicted in 1995 of kidnapping and battery as well as an attempted sexual assault and assault with deadly weapons. Chirila was alleged to have gotten mad at his girlfriend, who wanted to end their relationship. He then taped her hands, mouth, and legs and tried to sexually assault her with a pair of scissors. According to the victim, Chirila eventually allowed her to go to a restaurant with a friend.

These charges were dropped in Nevada, and Chirila did not even need to appear in court. The District Attorney’s Office in Washoe County conducted its own investigation and reached an agreement with Ed Basl, Chirila’s attorney, that no charges should be filed. They decided that Chirila shouldn’t have to appear in court or mount a defense and dismissed the case with prejudice.

Basl stated to the Reno Gazette-Journal in 1995:

“They (the District Attorney’s Office) concluded the investigation. Everyone agreed that the case shouldn’t have been filed and should be closed”.

John Helzer, Assistant District Attorney in Washoe County, stated:

“We have dismissed the case and will not pursue it.” “We don’t believe there is a case worth following.”

From 1995 to Jan 2015, Helzer was Washoe County Assistant District attorney under Dick Gammick.

8 News Now reported that Chirila was a federal witness in a case involving Mustang Ranch brothel. The IRS seized the property and it was sold to pay owed taxes. In the case, Joe Conforte (the former brothel owner) hid assets and purchased the brothel through A.G.E. Corp., of which Chirila was the president. Chirila then sued Conforte to recover damages. She claimed that Conforte had retaliated against his government cooperation by demoting Chirila and firing her. Conforte is believed to be hiding in South America. Chirila wasn’t charged with his role.

The author mentions that Chirila was employed in the Department of Taxation at the NV Attorney General’s Office under Democrat Attorney General Richard Bryan following the 1972 murder of Anderson. Bryan was a Clark County Deputy Attorney, a two-term Assemblyman, and served two terms as a state senator. Bryan served as Governor of Nevada for two terms, 1983-1989. He was also a US Senator from 1988-192001.

Chirila unsuccessfully ran for the state Supreme Court Justice position in 1994. The author points out that Chirila spent eight days in prison before the election for failing to pay $30,000 in child support. During his first term, he had been Justice Noel Manoukain’s clerk.

Following the arrest of Robert Telles (D), Clark County Public Administrator, last Wednesday for the murders of Jeff German and other local investigative journalists, a video of Telles’ 2020 arrest for domestic violence/resisting a public official has been released.

Telles appears intoxicated and says that he is a public official.

Telles was directed to follow a “corrective thinking course” and stay out of trouble. The case was closed. Telles was removed on Friday from the state board he was elected to by Governor Steve Sisolak (D), but he remains a county official.

#BREAKING: Videos obtained by the @8NewsNow Investigators show an apparently intoxicated Rob Telles arguing with police officers as they took him into custody two years ago. Telles, an elected official, is now charged with murder.

— David Charns (@davidcharns) September 15, 2022

Two murders in Nevada have been made within a week, implicating officials as murderers. Both defendants were previously held on violent charges. First, domestic violence is a predictor of homicides and we need to do more about it. Nevada’s public corruption problem goes beyond comprehension. Voters should seek to end uni-party governance, which breeds a two-tier society consisting of those who inflict control and those who are subjugated.

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