Judge Cannon’s Delivers the Money Shot in Her Special Master Ruling


As reported previously, Judge Aileen Clinton delivered a blow to the Department of Justice. She denied their request for a stay and appointed a special master in the investigation into the FBI raid on Donald Trump. The DOJ wanted to expel documents that they considered classified and to bring in a ringer, who was a special master in Project Veritas and Michael Cohen cases.

U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie will instead review all documents. This name was a bit of a surprise as he was the judge who signed off on Carter Page’s warrant. Judges can only work with the information they have, and Judge Dearie was unaware of the FBI falsifying the warrant. There is therefore an expectation that Judge Dearie will do his job as a special master without bias.

However, Judge Cannon’s decision was clear. There was one money shot that summed up the emotions of many to the right.

One of the strangest aspects of our justice system, especially under the current DOJ regime that changes figureheads but goes back for many presidents, is the notion that rules should be changed just because the government requires it. Is there any indication in the statutory authority of classification that judges and special masters shouldn’t be able to access information that the DOJ doesn’t want?

Here is an example of the complaints that were made after Judge Cannon appointed Judge Dearie. It was not from Mr. Watergate.

Trump is now a “King temporarily out” of power by not giving the DOJ absolute authority in judicial proceedings. That is an interesting claim, and equally absurd. Judge Cannon is not subject to the Department of Justice of Biden. She also wrote in the passage I highlighted that the DOJ is not entitled to undeserved trust because they state so.

Given the evidence of the politicization in this and other cases, it seems absurd that Trump should be made to accept the DOJ’s ruling on privileged material. The government has long used overclassification to avoid embarrassment. It is not risky to have special master review documents to make sure everything is correct. If the DOJ has something to hide, they will be upset.

It is refreshing to see a judge challenge the accepted wisdom in this area. We must end the multifaceted, two-tiered justice system. The DOJ should not be granted special treatment and people should be treated equally in civil and criminal matters. Let the law do the work. Anyone who complains about this, even those in mainstream media, is just being honest.


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