Ashton Kutcher Says He Could Not Walk, Talk, or Hear Due to Rare Disease


Ashton Kutcher recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with vasculitis. He was diagnosed with vasculitis two years ago.

He spoke out about his diagnosis in “Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge”. Kutcher said:

“Like two years ago, I had a rare, very unusual type of vasculitis. It took my balance and my sight away”.

The actor stated, “You don’t really appreciate it until your gone.” “I don’t know if it will happen again”. “I don’t know when my eyes or ears will be able to see again, nor if I’ll ever be capable of hearing again”. “I also don’t know how my legs will ever again be able to walk”.

Kutcher continued speaking about the rare diagnosis:

“It can cause the walls of the blood vessels to thicken, which reduces the width of the passageway through the vessel. If blood flow is restricted, it can result in organ and tissue damage.”

Kutcher earlier today sent this tweet:

“Before there were a lot of rumors/chatter/whatever out there. Yes, I did have a rare episode of vasculitis 3 years ago. (Autoimmune flare-up) Following the episode, I experienced hearing, vision, and balance problems. I was fully healed. It was all good. We are moving on. We’ll see you at the 2022 NY Marathon with Thor”

He continued, telling Bear Grylls:

Your obstacles can be seen as opportunities for you to get what you want. This will make life more enjoyable and you’ll be able to see your problems as opportunities.

Kutcher also has health issues in the past. He stated that he would announce the following in 2019.

“I looked at Steve Jobs’ eating habits and behaviors and was told that he drank a lot of carrot juice. I began to drink carrot juice all day. ”

He was twice treated for pancreatitis. He stated that he felt some pain for a few days after the new production started.

“Two weeks prior to the shooting began, I felt a terrible pain in my back. My pancreas was out-of-control, so I ended up in hospital receiving the maximum amount of Dilaudid.

Mila Kunis, Kutcher’s wife answered questions about his diagnosis.

“He’s downplaying it … He was so dumb. He also, I think, only ate grapes at one point.”

Kutcher is the star of “Vengeance” right now.


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