DeSantis To Hit Campaign Trail To Rally Support For Trump-Endorsed Candidates


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is on the campaign trail as Turning Point Action’s rally “Unite and Win”, to support Trump-endorsed candidates. DeSantis will travel to New Mexico, Arizona, and Pennsylvania to support GOP candidates.Turning Point Action and DeSantis will co-host and organize rallies in an effort to “unite” the Republican Party.

Kirk is an example of a conservative movement which stands for principles and fights for the values his voter. 

Kirk stated: “The fact he is willing to throw his whole weight behind Kari, Blake, and JD tells you everything. These incredible candidates are who I endorse 100%. ”

Kirk said that Lake would be the Ron DeSantis of the West. Blake and JD will work together to dismantle the Washington D.C. uniparty consensus to end endless wars, runaway spending, as well as put an end to the cocktail party Republicans who are only good at one thing: betraying voters.

DeSantis will travel to Roswell, New Mexico, on August 14, for a rally in support of Rep. Yvette sherrell (the 2nd congressional district) and Mark Ronchetti, the GOP gubernatorial hopeful.

DeSantis will travel to Phoenix, Ariz. to support Lake and Masters on August 14.

Lake was a former news anchor on TV. Lake will be taking on Katie Hobbs (Democrat Secretary of State, Arizona).

Masters also won the GOP nomination in Arizona for U.S. Senate. Masters will now face Kelly, an ex astronaut who the GOP considers to be one of the most vulnerable Democratic Senate incumbents.

Trump supported Lake and Masters during a rally in Arizona right before the primaries.

DeSantis will headline a rally in Pittsburgh, Aug. 19, where Doug Mastriano, the Trump-endorsed GOP candidate for Pennsylvania governor, will be speaking. He is currently a Pennsylvania state senator.

Vance will be honored at a Youngstown rally hosted by DeSantis later in the day. Vance, a venture capitalist, was supported by Trump in Ohio’s primary election.

Vance will face off against Tim Ryan (a long-serving Democratic Rep).


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