Biden Warns Most COVID-Related Deaths This Year Will Be Result Of People Not Being Updated On Their Vaccines


President Biden warned Americans that almost every COVID-related death in this year’s United States will be due to people who have not been vaccinated.

Biden also asked Congress to give the billions of dollars requested by the administration to purchase additional vaccines, treatments and tests.

These comments were made by the president ahead of the holiday season, when it is colder and more people spend time indoors. This makes contagious viruses more likely to spread.

Biden referred to the new versions in the U.S., and an increase in European hospitalizations and encouraged people to get the most recent vaccine and flu shot.

“If you get it, you’re protected. Biden stated that if you don’t have it, you are putting yourself and others unnecessarily at danger. He later added, “Nearly all deaths can be prevented, so get up-to-date.” Get your COVID shot. This is the time to get your updated COVID shot, and it’s best done by Halloween.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a study, found that 75% of COVID-19-related deaths among fully vaccinated adults had been caused by people with at least four comorbidities.

Biden was twice positive for COVID-19, both times in July. He had been fully vaccinated and twice boosted. His doctor said that the president’s “rebound” positive reaction to PAXLOVID was a result of treatment with PAXLOVID.

Biden later on in the press conference rolled up his sleeves and received his COVID-19 booster shot via a member the White House medical team. Because of his summer infection, he had to wait to get his booster. This was in accordance federal health guidance.

The White House stated that more than 20 million people have received the updated COVID-19 booster. This includes nearly one in five older adults. The vaccine was reformulated to target the BA.4 or BA.5 subvariants omicrons, which are the most prevalent strains in the United States.

According to Dr. Ashish Jha (leader of the White House’s COVID-19 response), three respiratory viruses currently circulate in the United States: the flu and COVID-19.

Jha stated that people will be able to avoid serious illness by getting a flu shot along with an updated COVID booster as they prepare for Thanksgiving and other holidays.

RSV has been affecting children and there is no cure. However, companies are trying to find one.


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