Maggie Hassan Suggests Half Of Granite Staters Not Concerned About Inflation


Sen. Maggie Hassan (D–NH) suggested Monday that half the Granite Staters don’t worry too much about inflation.Hassan stated that women don’t want to talk about inflation in an interview with NPR, which aired Monday. She said they would rather change the conversation to discuss abortion, the sixth most important midterm topic.

“You know what, when I began to talk to women about inflation they all changed the subject to abortion. She also stated that if my fundamental rights have been lost, it’s much more difficult to get them back.”

Recent Heritage Foundation research shows that wages for American families have fallen $6,000 after inflation adjustment, which is $1,800 more than September’s.

Data contradicts Hassan’s antidotal observation. Inflation is the top issue facing Granite Staters, according to polling. Just over half of New Hampshire’s population is made up by women.

Additional polling also shows that women voters are shifting their support for Republicans due to record-high inflation, and especially the soaring grocery store prices. Pew Research Center analysis shows that eighty percent of mothers claim to be the primary grocery shopper in their household.

When Hassan was asked why inflation continues to persist under Democratic rule, she blamed the Biden administration. She said, “The administration was too slow in recognizing the long-term reality inflation and took too long reacting to it.”

Hassan has offered inconsistent explanations for why the soaring cost of living continues. On Thursday, she blamed the Ukraine war and the pandemic. Two days before, she said that inflation was caused by corporate greed. Monday’s interview saw her blame the administration.

Hassan, the clear frontrunner is now under pressure by Gen. Don Bolduc (Republican Senate Challenger), who is statistically tied to the incumbent. Three weeks ago, a Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll showed Hassan leading by nine points (50-41%). In an October 12 AARP survey, that lead was reduced to seven points (52-45%) Both polls showed Hassan was supported by the majority.

Hassan was only two points ahead (49-47%), well within the four point error margin. Four percent are still undecided. Significantly, Hassan’s support has fallen to below 50 percent, which is a key indicator that Gen. Bolduc is gaining momentum against the incumbent.


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