Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Was Swatted Six Times


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a controversial firebrand from Georgia, has been “swatted,” at least six times. The latest incident occurred Monday. The radical left seems to be getting more juvenile every day.

Swatting is a trick for police officers or emergency response teams to go to someone’s home to address a serious or urgent situation.

Greene tweeted Tuesday morning, “I was swatted 6 times last night.” Swatting is a serious crime. The caller would like to see their victim killed by the police. It is also a huge abuse of time and resources by police, making it a serious crime. God bless my local police.

Greene is running to reelect to the House of Representatives from Georgia. This race has been a hotbed of controversy both for Republicans and Democrats ever since the 2020 election. Evidence showed serious flaws with Georgia’s electoral process. USA Today reported in September that the race between MTG (Democrat Marcus Flowers) was the most expensive race of 2022. Millions were spent to defeat Greene and secure a Democrat win.

However, money was not enough. The party that saw MTG being smashed six times is also the one that justifies FBI raids against Donald Trump and at most 35 of his supporters under flimsy pretexts. They called incendiary Black Lives Matter protests “mostly peaceful protests” and said that Donald Trump was the only person who could be targeted by them.


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