Left Pushes Vaccines On Children


Elmo is a Sesame Street character who announced via social media recently that he had been vaccinated for Chinese coronavirus.

Elmo received the COVID vaccine today just like Elmo’s mommy, daddy and dad! Elmo also posted a tweet update to his official Twitter account. Elmo answered his dad’s many questions, but he said that the vaccine would keep Elmo and all of Elmos healthy.

Elmo’s father Elmo stated that “You were super-duper today, getting YOUR COVID vaccine Elmo” and then appeared to have spoken with parents in a Sesame Street video posted on social media.

“I had many questions about Elmo receiving the COVID vaccine. It was safe? It was it safe? Elmo’s father said that Elmo had to get vaccinated to protect his own health and the health of his friends, family, and neighbors.

Sesame Street’s newest vaccine pitch comes after U.S approvals of Moderna’s & Pfizer coronavirus vaccines in children under 5.

DeSantis stated last week that he would urge people to review the actual data from clinical trials during a conference.

This is the simplest data you can see, and it only covers a few people. He recommended that parents talk to their pediatricians.

A recent YouGov/CBS News survey found that 37% of respondents think the coronavirus epidemic should be treated as a priority. Americans are more concerned with inflation and the economy.


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