New York Times Baffled By Seismic Hit To Public School Enrollment


The New York Times, far-left, writes that “no overriding explanation” has been found for the drop in enrollments at public schools. “Gee, what could have caused that?” “Has anything unusual happened in the past two years?” asked Ed Morrissey from Hot Air.

The Times does suggest that maybe-perhaps-possibly the plunge in national putblic school enrollment has something to do with these government-run debacles closing down for months and months for no valid scientific reason — unless, of course, you consider teachers Zooming from Aruba a valid scientific reason. Or maybe-perhaps-possibly it was forcing little kids to wear masks for no valid scientific reason.

Hey, I’ve got a reason the Times didn’t consider… Maybe-perhaps-possibly it has to do with the legions of predators and groomers in public schools, all the innocence-shattering gay porn, the drag queens, and the transsexual voodoo?

You think maybe-perhaps-possibly decent parents find it demonic that government-run schools teach boys how to give other boys hummers but can’t teach them how to read?

It is amazing to see the New York Times go to such great lengths to protect its subscribers who are neurotic and brittle.

The good news is that America’s indefensible public school system is now feeling some pain for its child abuse. Too little pain. The depraved institution, and the public unions that made it depraved, will never feel enough pain. There is some pain…

According to the Times, New York suffered a net loss in students of 50,000; Michigan lost 50,000; Los Angeles lost 43,000 students; Chicago lost 25,000 and even Kansas City’s suburbs lost 1,000 of its 33,000 students.

According to the Times, “All in all, America’s public school system has lost at least 1.2million students since 2020.”

Even better: “State enrollment numbers show no sign that there will be a rebound to previous national levels anytime soon.”

Marguerite Roza at Georgetown University’s Something-Something department, said to the Times that “this has been a seismic impact on public education.” “School finances have been really shaken. This shouldn’t be compared to a rubber band which bounces back to its original position.

She added, “When you lose children, you lose money.” “You must close schools and layoff people.

Burn, baby, burn.

The Times reported this as a negative thing.

I am aware that there are decent public schools and decent teachers. However, I know that America’s government-run schools system is corrupt and perverse. It funnels billions of taxpayer money through teachers’ unions to Democrat Party campaign coffers.

The death of America’s public schools system (vouchers available for all) would make America’s children healthier. The death of the Walt Disney Company, a degenerate child-grooming facility.


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